Beaute Barre

The On Point Facial

This facial lays the foundation for taut and glowing skin, especially when done on a regular basis. Every part of the treatment, from beginning to end, is customized, and can be adapted for all skin concerns from acne to anti-aging.


I’m a fanatic when it comes to pore size. One of my favorite tools for shrinking them is galvanic therapy. The gentle electrical current causes a chemical reaction that contracts pores as it tones skin. This fantastic muscle-stimulating technology visibly lifts the brow, cheek, and jawline.

Glowing skin can’t help but get noticed. It’s a reflection of all of the good things happening beneath the surface. Healthy, properly cared for skin doesn’t produce discoloration, clogged pores and acne, or lines and wrinkles.

I finish every facial with LED light therapy. True LED can heal your skin from the inside out by kick-starting your body’s own natural regenerative system, increasing the replenishment and repair of collagen. You’ll notice a difference the first time under the lights!

* Please note that there is also an express version of this facial where I choose the elements that will give you the best results based on the shorter time period.


Dermaplaning, exfoliation, galvanic, LED light therapy

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$135 for 80 minutes


$85 for 50 minutes