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Beauté Barre Facials give you the complexion you want in a simple, affordable format.


Hi, I’m Lauren Snyder!

I started Beauté Barre because I want you to have the most beautiful skin you’ve ever had! Skin so flawless that using concealer and foundation becomes a choice, rather than a necessity.

As a young adult I had cystic acne. It was so bad that my dermatologist put me on Accutane twice. This was such a long time ago that very few treatment options existed, but I was on a quest to find something other than a pill to take care of my skin.

Twenty years ago, I began working for what would become one of the most important companies in the world of physician dispensed skin care and now I get to share all of my secrets with you through Beauté Barre!

Every tool, every product I use taps into the skin’s healing physiology. My treatments build the skin up. It’s like Pilates for your face! I’m really particular about the products I use. They’re all free of synthetic colors and fragrances, ethanolamines, sulfates and parabens.


Quality Over Quantity

Beauté Barre does not offer a chockablock menu, but rather three indispensable facials. Each one is built around my fundamental philosophy of triggering the skin’s natural process of renewal. This way I’m able to take aim at a wide range of skin issues and complaints, without having to resort to the use of harsh chemicals or irritants.



The On Point Facial

This facial lays the foundation for smooth and glowing skin, especially when done on a regular basis. Every part of the treatment, from beginning to end, is customized.

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The Magic Wand Facial

Completely smooth, perfectly hydrated, sculpted skin: whether you really want it or you never want to lose it, The Magic Wand Facial is for you.

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The Must-Have Facial

The smart new way to reverse the signs of aging and damage to ensure you always look your very best. This facial transforms skin without the risk, expense, or downtime of lasers.

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“Lauren is FANTASTIC! She is making my skin look gorgeous and radiant even during this unusually long winter we are having here in Dallas. I am 51 and she makes my skin look like I am in my 30’s again.  She uses top notch technology and skin care products. The main problem I have is I want every procedure when I go see her because they are all that good! Call Lauren! She is amazing!”


“I am so excited about the results I’ve seen from my microneedling with Lauren! She has an amazing touch and very thorough when it comes to explaining what she’s doing and why she’s doing it. I would highly recommend her for any of your skin care needs.”


“To say that Lauren has changed my skin would be an understatement; she has helped not only change the appearance of my skin, but has changed my outlook on skincare too. She genuinely cares about her clients and strives to provide personalized care and support. She has taught me how to understand my skin, care for it, and improve it. I consider Lauren not only my go to face guru, but also a close friend. She will treat you with kindness and love and also get you results fast. I am a forever Lauren fan and promise that trusting her with your skin will change your skincare journey!”


“After one visit with Lauren my skin looks awake! It’s more even-toned, plump, hydrated and less hormonally broken out. Lauren performed micro-needling, and other treatments that I’ll call ‘the works’. I’m going to be 35 this May and though I’m a pro-age enthusiast I couldn’t help but notice that my skin was looking haggard. I refuse to do injections or botox so this truly is the solution for me. The procedure is mildly abrasive with no down time and the results are incredible! Not to mention Lauren’s knowledge of the skin, how it functions and how to care for it sheds a positive light on my aging skin. I’m hooked and can’t wait for the next self care session with Lauren!”


“Lauren is a true expert at what she does; she has expertise in a vast range of subjects from skincare to dietary recommendations.  I could not recommend her services enough to any client looking for that fantastic experience and an education on their skin’s needs.”



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